How to livestream when it terrifies you

Livestreaming is a task that many influencers seem to either love and embrace or absolutely despise. Let’s get you in front of the camera!

Show of hands if you have been wondering how to livestream without passing out on camera? You are not alone. I promise! Livestreaming is a task that many influencers seem to either love and embrace or absolutely despise. Here is the thing: many that love and embrace it were probably once someone that hated the idea of pushing the red button and going live, unscripted and off the cuff. It is not always easy in the beginning. Just as anything new we try in our businesses, practice can lead to comfort and confidence.

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How do you get to the place? We know this is one of the biggest trends that’s here to stay. Let’s talk about some simple ways to show up via live-streaming and connect more with your community.

Be Open and Honest

First off, be open and honest. Ask your community to share something that they are terrified to try. Once you have received a few responses, let them know you’re scheduling a quick live-stream with your own confession. Send out a newsletter to your list and invite your family, friends and community to support you on your first live. During your livestream you can share what others expressed terrified them and ask your viewers comment if they can relate. Finally, close out your livestream by sharing that live-streaming is something that terrifies you and thanks to them you have taken the first steps to overcome it.

There is Strength in Numbers

When asked about live-streaming, many influencers express concern that no one will show up and engage on their broadcast. A simple way to combat that is to connect with 4-5 other influencers who struggle with live-streaming. Decide on a topic that relates to all of your communities and schedule a time to go live back-to-back. You can all commit to watching, engaging and supporting one another while cross-promoting each other to your respective communities.

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Do Not Over Think The Process

The biggest difference between live-streaming and pre-recorded videos is that there is no need to worry about perfection. Your community wants to see and connect with YOU. They can all relate to be nervous and anxious about trying something new. By letting them see how you grow and become more comfortable with showing up on camera, you are helping them to embrace new things for themselves.

Interviews Count

Who are you connected to that could share valuable information with your community? Schedule live interviews to help ease your nerves and put some of the pressure off of you. A simple interview outline can be as easy as:

  • A quick introduction of yourself. It can be one sentence that simply states “Hi, I am _____ of _______.”)
  • A quick introduction of the person you are interviewing. You can share their name, business and why you chose to introduce them to your community.
  • Asking 3-5 questions. Sharing the interview questions ahead of time will help you both be prepared to easily flow from one question to the next.
  • Providing an opportunity for your guest to share any closing comments. Let them know ahead of time if they are able to share specific offers.
  • Thank your guest and your communities for tuning in.

And you are done! By pre-scheduling your interview, it also gives your guest the opportunity to share with their community and expand your community.

You can do this! We want to see you rock it out! Go live and tag #flockpresents in your comments to let us know when you have crossed this off of your to-do list.



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