Why blogging is good for your small business

If you’re wondering about new ways to build your online presence, then you may want to consider starting a blog for your small business needs.

Running a small business is difficult enough, without having to think about your online presence. The thing is, having a strong online representation of your small business is a vital part of your overall business success. If you’re wondering about new ways to build your online presence, then you may want to consider starting a blog for your business. We have one here at FLOCK obviously. Today I’ll share some of the benefits of having a blog attached to your small business website so that you can see why blogging is so important.

Why Blogging is Good For your Small Business

Boosts Search Engine Optimization

Having new content on your small business website helps with search engine optimization. Most small business websites don’t have frequent updates, so you can easily fall within the search engine results. That’s not good for a small business that wants to have a strong online presence. Blogging for your small business helps give you more options to have frequent content on your website for search engine robots to index, thus boosting your chances to show up higher in search results.

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Better Relationship With Customers

Blogging for your small business helps you reach your customers in a more personal way. Blogging also helps you showcase your expertise in the niche that your business is focused on. You can easily blog to show how-tos or tips for the use of your products. Leaving a place for your customers to leave comments will also boost search engine optimization all the while allowing your customers to feel like they have a way to engage with your small business personally.

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Generate Leads

Having a blog for your small business gives you a way to have people subscribe to get regular updates as well as special promos. Some of your potential customers would be more willing to sign up for a newsletter if you have a small business blog that features helpful content and deals to share with them. Having a blog that helps your small business show up higher in search engines will generate more leads than having a standstill website only.

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Create Opportunity for Sharing

Blogging for your small business allows you to create more opportunities for customers to share your content. This can be done by inserting share icons within every blog post to make it easier for your visitors to share these blog posts with their social media following. In addition, to sharing your small business blog posts on social media, they can share it privately in an email to help bring more traffic and sales to your small business website.

As you can see, blogging is a good option for your small business in so many ways. There are many ways to add a blog to your social media website, the best option is to hire someone who knows how to attach a blog to your current website to boost your small business the most. From there you can start writing blog posts regularly to bring in more customers.


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