Videos, podcasts, and livestreams: musts for 2020

Video, Podcasts, and Livestreams are three of the top must-do items for bloggers looking to move to the next level. Have you checked out FLOCK Presents?

With 2020 on it’s way, influencers and online content creators are in the midst of reviewing what worked in 2019, and what to focus on within the next year. Video, podcasts, and livestreams are 3 of the top must-do items for bloggers looking to move to the next level. And FLOCK is looking forward to exploring these must-do items in 2020!

But did you realize you could create all THREE simultaneously? What? Mind-blowing right?

In this article, we’ll focus on the ultimate hack of 2020, and how focusing on audio and video can create at least 10 pieces of evergreen content for your platform.


Film your podcast

If you want an instant audience for your new (or existing) podcast, filming of your podcast episodes is a must. It doesn’t have to be complicated; set up your phone on a tripod, and film yourself while you record your episode.

Many content creators actually go live during their podcasting sessions, so their followers are part of the action. Live viewers use the opportunity to give their input about the episode topic in real time, while podcasters use this time to interact with their audience immediately after the episode is recorded.

Livestream Podcasting Tip: before you start to record, tell your live audience you’ll respond to their questions and comments right after the recording. This gives permission to focus on the recording, but still reap the benefits of having an active livestream on your Instagram account or Facebook page.

Not big on livestreams? Film yourself, and upload the static video to YouTube, IGTV or Facebook. You’ll still benefit from having 2 forms of content connected to one topic.

video editing

Create clips and sound bites

Clips, soundbites, and visual content can all be created from the two pieces of audio and video. This is a great time to invest in a virtual assistant if you’re short on time. But, if you are on a budget, allow yourself one hour a week to make sharable content.

Use Audiogram to turn parts of your podcast into engaging social video. Podcast hosting services like Libsyn also offer this amenity for their clients. You can also grab clips of your video, and turn them into 1 minute bites to be used on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

iPhone with youtube

Pin your videos

If you aren’t pinning your videos and podcast episodes yet, hop to it. This is one easy to increase your reach and grow your platform. We’ve seen a huge increase in video pins on Pinterest, and rightly so. Audiences are craving more visual content on every platform.

Keynote and Canva both offer video editing templates that work well within Pinterest. Taking just 15 minutes a week to test these out, and play with the edits will have you at expert level in no time.

Transcribing is still a valid hack

You are doing the work of creating a video, and recording a podcast. Why not get them transcribed and turned into blog posts? This gives you yet another way to repurpose content in a brilliant way, without much more effort. is a transcribing site that will get your transcriptions done in a reasonable amount of time, but there are plenty of transcribing options out there.


Your audio and video evergreen content list

Still unable to visually see how 10 pieces of content can come from 1 video and 1 podcast episode? Here is your full list of content you will be able to create before you hit publish.

  • 1 long form video (static video or livestream video)
  • 1 podcast episode
  • 1 transcription of podcast episode published on blog
  • 1 IGTV video (long form videos can be uploaded via computer)
  • 4 audio clips via audiogram or podcast hosting platform
  • 4 1-minute teaser video clips for Twitter, Instagram feed, and ad network videos
  • 1 teaser video pin for the episode
  • BONUS: 1 minute audio clips to be used as Alexa Skills at a later date

Technically, that’s 13 pieces of content, but you get the idea. Once these 13 items are created, you will be armed with content to schedule throughout the year, consistently bringing new audience members into your community.

If adding video, podcasts, and livestreams to your 2020 game plan seems daunting, I hope this post helps you see the potential of creating these versions of online content. And we really hope you’ll be joining us in New Orleans this February when we tackle how to begin this journey.

For more on video, podcasting and live streams tips, visit Amiyrah Martin from 4 Hats and Frugal.


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