Buffer or HootSuite: Which is more powerful for social media?

When it comes to scheduling social media content and managing your accounts, it’s important to have a powerful tool on your side.

Being present on social media is a vital component of business success. Regardless of what type of business you’re running, or if you’re simply running a money-making blog, it’s important to have an active social media presence. If you already know that social media is a key component to online success, but want to find ways to save time with posting to social media, then you’re in luck. Today I’m going to show you a comparison between Buffer and Hootsuite so that you can pick the best social media management tool for your social media profiles.

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Buffer or HootSuite: Which is More Powerful For Social Media?

When it comes to scheduling social media content and managing your accounts, it’s important to have a powerful tool on your side. Not only do both Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to schedule consistent content, but they provide enough tools to make managing your social media accounts more efficient.

Pricing Comparison

The first step to choosing between Buffer or Hootsuite is to compare pricing. You’re probably working within a specific budget, and need to know the breakdown for which options may suit your business budget allowance.

Buffer and Hootsuite will allow you to add up to three social media accounts and schedule a limited amount of social media updates. Buffer’s free plan will only allow you to schedule 10 updates, while Hootsuite provides you with a limit of 30 updates on their free plan.

If you want to upgrade your plan with Buffer or Hootsuite you’ll be paying around $15 per month with Buffer’s pro plan or $29 per month with Hootsuite’s pro plan. While both Buffer and Hootsuite offer higher-level plans and different capabilities at each level, the high-level business plan is most affordable with Buffer, being that their business account is around $99 per month.

Which Social Networks Can I add to Buffer or Hootsuite?

Next up, you’ll want to compare which social media platforms¬†will integrate with either Buffer or Hootsuite to figure out which is more powerful for social media. While Hootsuite does offer integration with more social media accounts, Buffer does play nicely with the bigger social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can connect most of your major social media accounts in both Buffer and Hootsuite, but the one option that gives Hootsuite more power for your social media management is that it can be connected with WordPress blogs and YouTube.

How Does Scheduling Work?

Buffer is a little different in how it works with social media scheduling. While Hootsuite has a similar approach called auto-scheduling, it’s not as efficient nor predictable as Buffer’s auto-schedule feature. When it comes to scheduling and staying organized with your social media updates, Buffer seems to be the more powerful option as it will set a consistent schedule and post your updates in order. Hootsuite’s auto-schedule feature will post whenever it feels like, leaving you with various updates posted in any particular order that Hootsuite determines.

Losing control over the specific order of social media updates, such as how Hootsuite’s auto-schedule feature determines the order for you, makes this social media tool less powerful in our opinion. It’s always good to have control over the order in which you post to social media.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a social media tool that offers scheduling, a pretty solid free plan and the ability to read as well as respond to engagement on your social media accounts, then Hootsuite wins. If you’re looking to have a little more predictability with scheduling content, and don’t mind paying a small monthly fee to post more frequently, then Buffer would be your powerful social media management option. Hopefully, this comparison has helped you see the pros and cons of both social media tools so that you can determine which one is the most powerful option for your social media goals.


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