Tips and tricks for creating a social media content calendar

Start using a social media content calendar to promote your blog and become heavily known as one of the best in your industry and start to gain more followers.

Having a social media content calendar is a fabulous way to stay organized and achieve your business goals. I’m sure you’ve heard about an editorial calendar before, this is where you brainstorm your blog post ideas and then write the content to schedule on a specific day on your blog.


Having a calendar to work with is a fabulous way to stay organized in all areas of business. If you’re wondering how you can create a social media content calendar, then you’re in luck. I’m going to share some tips and tricks to get you started today!

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Tips & Tricks for Creating a Social Media Content Calendar

Audit Social Media Profiles

You may be posing on social media profiles that aren’t gaining you any traction. Take a moment to review all of your social media profiles to see which ones are worth scheduling content to. You might find that only two of your multiple social media accounts get traffic to your site. Take note of which profiles you’ll be using with your social media content calendar.

Determine Appropriate Posting Times

While auditing your social media profiles, figure out which time and day work best. This is done by seeing which posts get the most engagement. Not only will the engagement and click thrus tell you when most people frequent your specific social media accounts, but it will also help you determine the appropriate topics that work for your audience on each social media profile.

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Start Brainstorming

Now that you’ve taken the time to audit your social media profiles and determine the appropriate posting times for each profile, you’ll want to start brainstorming. Search your blog for similar content to what’s working on your social media profiles. Open each of these blog posts and start brainstorming ideas or pull a quote out of the blog post to schedule on your social media profiles.

Plan a Theme

One of the biggest benefits of having a social media content calendar is that your followers will come to see you as a consistent source within your niche. Having a theme for your social media content calendar will give you something to stay focused on when developing the appropriate content for each social media count.

Use a Google Template

Google Sheets have many calendar templates, and you can find some free social media content calendars online to download. Most of the online social media content templates are easy enough to use with Google Sheets, giving you the perfect place to start setting up your social media content schedule and plan.

When you opt to start using a social media content calendar to promote your blog and become heavily known as one of the best in your industry, you’ll soon find that you increase blog traffic and start to gain more followers. Being consistent, having a solid theme, and analyzing what your audience enjoys most are all of the major ways to make your new social media content calendar work best for your business.


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