Does blogging really help SEO?

Does blogging really help your SEO? The short answer to this question is that yes, blogging really does help with SEO

Are you wondering whether blogging really helps SEO or not? Perhaps you’ve heard that starting a blog for your small business is the perfect way to boost search engine optimization but you’re not quite sold on that concept. Maybe you already have a blog for your website but want to know how it can really help with SEO. Well, whatever you’re reasons are for asking this question, I’m here to give you an answer.

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Does Blogging Really Help SEO?

Yes. The short answer to this question is that yes, blogging really does help with SEO. The thing about blogging helping you with search engine optimization isn’t just about the blog. You can easily add a blog to your small business website only to find that you’re not ranking higher in search engine results. Many factors come into play when you’re blogging to boost SEO.

Keeps Your Site Fresh and Current

Many factors go into search engine rank, one of which is having fresh and current content. Blogging helps your website rank higher when you publish fresh content that’s current and adds value to your website.

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Keeps People on Your Site Longer

While there’s no conclusive evidence that keeping people on your site longer will help boost SEO, there has been some talk about your visitor length playing a small factor in SEO. Your bounce rate is what determines how long someone stays on your site, you should aim for a 41% bounce rate.

Target Keywords

Blogging helps you place more long-tail keywords on your website to boost SEO. While you can use keywords in product descriptions, services and other details within your small business website, blogging gives you a better opportunity to focus content on specific long-tail keywords.


Internal Linking

Blogging really helps SEO because you can have more opportunities for internal linking. This is one of the factors that go into your ranking. Being able to have more internal links is a great way to tell search engines to stay on your website longer so they can index more of your site.

These are just some of the benefits of using blogging to help SEO. The key to ranking higher with search engines is to show the search engine robots that your site is valuable, and what better way to show your worth than by having more content for search engines to index?!

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