10 reasons you absolutely should be at FLOCK’s Disney World Event

Some of you still don’t have your FLOCK ticket for April. Some of you already bought that ticket because you know the value FLOCK returns back to you. Our comeback event next April will be even better. We’ll have more time, more speakers, and you’ll get more takeaways than ever before.


FLOCK is a small conference. Big enough to meet new people, yet small enough to reconnect with those you may have known for years. You’ll meet and hang out with friends before you even get to the opening night party!

FLOCK attendees sitting at an event during a break


You’ll learn new things. Our online world is ever-changing, and platforms constantly evolve. Sometimes it feels like you can’t catch up. Come hang out with us at FLOCK, light a fire under your seat, (figuratively… no lighters or matches please) and learn from our fantastic speakers who have found ways to improve and keep going.

Jeannette Kaplun with balloons


You’ll take away things you can change immediately to help improve your business. Actionable takeaways are a must for our events. You’ll get some of them done in real-time, while you’re still in the room!


This is your time to explore Walt Disney World. Not that you needed an excuse to go to Walt Disney World, but an event that draws you here helps!

Emelia at Disney World


Need a good laugh? Have you met FLOCK co-founders Cam and Emelia? (And if you haven’t, that’s another good reason to go!) Although they have the same goals, they have different approaches. Emelia is exhausted 99% of the time, and Cam is always into mischief.

Emelia and Cam


We’ll join millions of other TikTok’ers and start our day being greeted with, “Hey f*ckers!See announcement about speaker, @ashlelnok.

@ashlelnok in her car


You’ll be with like-minded people. Three days of interactions will better you in the end. Have big ideas you want to make sure come to life in 2023, FLOCK will help you.


We have some very unique speakers for this event. Some of them you’ve likely never heard speak before, and you may not ever be at an event where you get to hear them again. Who isn’t curious to hear more about the largest octopus fan club on Facebook?!



Cam and Emelia love to bring the magic. So there will undoubtedly be some fun surprises. Well, it’s only a surprise until Cam spills the beans, which she’s prone to do.


Recognize that it’s time for something different? Ready to add to your arsenal of tricks and secrets? It’s been (3 rough) years since we’ve been together. So start your New Year’s resolution to invest in yourself and get your ticket before midnight tonight.

2023 fireworks


FLOCK events have the best food. Emelia loves snacks and desserts, and she’s responsible for food and beverage. Just saying.

Mickey dessert

So, what are you waiting for?

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