Improve blog ranking on Google with these tools

Improve your blog ranking on Google with these tools to help you better optimize your site and increase organic traffic to your blog.

Whether you wish to monetize your site with an ad network or work with your favorite brands, your goal is likely to improve your blog ranking on Google. Higher Google rankings mean users see your content first which can increase organic traffic and potentially make you more money in the long run. Here are two tools Google offers that can help you improve your blog ranking.

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Use Google Search Console to Improve Your Blog Ranking

Google Search Console (GSC) breaks down how Google, as a whole, views your site. The tool alerts you to any problems or errors and provides information to help you improve.

If you’re looking to improve your blog’s ranking, be sure that you’re using GSC in the most effective way. One way to do this is to increase your click-through rate (CTR) of any keywords you’re not ranking highly for. By increasing your CTR you set your blog up for significantly more organic traffic.  GSC allows you to filter results so you’re better able to determine how you should move forward with SEO to optimize your site.

Use Google Analytics to Learn More About  Your Audience

Google Analytics (GA) is a tool that offers countless metrics to help you improve your blog. GA can be used to improve user experience on your website. It also provides users with information to help improve blog ranking on Google. 

You can determine who your audience is and how they arrived on your site. GA also tells you what they did when they got to your site. With this information, you’re prepared to move forward and improve your blog ranking. Google Analytics reports offer information essential to a successful content strategy.

Here you’ll be able to determine how many Users landed on your site. Through the Sessions field, you can see how many times users came to a page or pages on your site. Google Analytics also shows you a Bounce Rate which determines the percentage of time a user came to your site and then backed out of it.

If you have a brick and mortar business or take phone calls or appointments, you may have a higher conversion rate than you realize. Users may come to your site for a second to get your email address, phone number or physical address. For the purpose of SEO rankings and blogging, however, it is good to see a low Bounce Rate and high Session Duration.

Having so much data at your fingertips can be difficult to navigate. For a successful blog, it’s important to keep learning from other bloggers and industry leaders. One way to do this is to regularly put yourself out there and network with blogging community members. You can do this through one-day conferences like the FLOCK Phoenix which will teach attendees how to use SEO, analytics, and Pinterest to improve blog ranking on Google.



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