How to use Pinterest for the business side of blogging

How to use Pinterest for the business side of blogging, increase your readership, promote your business or service and earn more money from your blog.

Bloggers can use Pinterest for the business side of blogging. Pinterest is a search engine where users share and bookmark or ‘pin’ images of topics of interest. As a blog owner, you want to ensure you’re using this platform to spread your content organically to a wider audience. Pinterest boats 265 million monthly users. 

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Pinterest helps to get more eyes on your blog and bring more readers to your site. Each time you create content for your blog, it’s important that you have several Pinterest pins that correspond to your blog post and any services, products or freebies you offer. You can increase your blog’s exposure by using Pinterest strategically. These strategies can offer you the opportunity to earn money from your blog.

Optimize Your Pinterest Pins

Creating several pins for each piece of content on your blog is a great way to promote your blog. When creating pins optimize them by using SEO strategies. Perform keyword research to ensure your pins are found faster.  You can create a variety of pins for one piece of content around different keywords or keyphrases. This SEO strategy ensures your pins reach a wider audience.

Join Pinterest Group Boards

Group boards on Pinterest allow you to build your blog audience and generate traffic to your site. They allow several users within the group to pin content around a specific topic, to the same board. This allows you to reach new people beyond your immediate followers. Expand your circle for success.

You can search within Pinterest to find group boards dedicated to specific topics. You can also use a scheduling tool like Tailwind to schedule several pins at once. The scheduler option is ideal for busy bloggers who are short on time but still want to capitalize on the power of Pinterest. Set up your pre-made Pins to be shared out to your group boards on a regular basis.  Sharing content regularly through Pinterest is the ideal way to ensure your blog content is seen, shared and engaged with consistently.

Be Social on Pinterest

When joining group boards it’s important to actively take part in the group as a whole. This means sharing other group members’ content regularly. You can use Tailwind to schedule other bloggers’ content too.  Engage with other bloggers by commenting on their pins. As you pin your content, engage and react and pin other people’s content, your own content is more likely to be promoted. The Pinterest algorithm rewards consistency. Daily consistent pinning (either organic or scheduled) will ensure your account stays active.

Additional Tips to Use Pinterest for Your Blogging Business

Increasing your domain quality is imperative if you want to use Pinterest to help promote your blog. The Pinterest algorithm rates your site on how popular the pins that originate from it are. Here are some additional ways to create pins that are engaging, clickable, aesthetically pleasing and provide quality information.

  • Utilize the Rich Pins feature. Anyone with a Pinterest account can utilize this feature to add extra information to their pin. Often times a rich pin will include the details of a recipe or extra information within the body of the pin or above it in the title. This extra information is appealing to those looking for content to pin since it tells them exactly what they’ll find when they click the link that pin corresponds to.
  • If you already have content that is doing well on your blog, create additional pins around that content to entice more readers to your blog. The Pinterest algorithm acts favorably to already popular content.
  • Brush up on your SEO knowledge and use it to create pins that include the keywords that your audience is searching for. Check Google Analytics and Google Search Console to determine how your audience finds your content and base your pins titles, board names and rich pin content around those keywords and keyphrases.

Using Pinterest as a means to promote your business, improve blogging readership or offer a product or service is not an exact science. Much like most social media platforms and search consoles, algorithms are ever-changing. Stay up to date on all things Pinterest or blogging related by attending a FLOCK Presents one-day conference near you. Attend the NYC FLOCK Presents event on June 26 to learn the latest trends and tips from successful industry leaders.



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