• Small group, large reach

    FLOCK attracts 30–60 bloggers, small business entrepreneurs, content managers, and social media influencers for each event. These leaders and influencers reach a combined network extending into the millions.

  • Focused attention

    Each FLOCK event features expert speakers and sponsors who discuss and bring clarity to a specific topic. These events are designed to dig deeper into a single subject than a normal one-hour conference session can.

  • A unique opportunity

    FLOCK sponsors have a unique opportunity to promote key messaging about their programs, locations, services, or products to an attentive audience. Our intimate events are ideal for making valuable connections.

Sponsor integration examples

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  • FLOCK delivers the kind of events that I’ve been looking for. Actionable takeaway from knowledgeable speakers. Less fluff, more stuff!
    Ciaran Blumenfeld Ciaran Blumenfeld ciaranblu
  • I went into this event knowing I needed to learn more about how to utilize Pinterest, and after a fun day, I walked away with tips, concrete tools, and a plan for how to improve my Pinterest game.
    Kimberly Ann Kauer Kimberly Ann Kauer kimberlykauer

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