A single-day, travel blogging intensive in Nashville, Tennessee, with experts, Susan Pazera, Chelsea Day, and Anitra Allen.

Learn how to pitch travel opportunities, find brands that want to work with influencers, discover how to create engaging content and curate and edit your travel photos. Know what you’ll need in a bio that can capture attention and showcase your unique perspective and value to brands.

Find out what you need to break into the travel blogging space from our experts who have been traveling, writing, working with brands, and making their mark on the map and discover what has helped these professionals get to where they are today.

What can you expect?

  • Find out what is trending in the travel industry.
  • Review best practices for travel brands and how to implement them.
  • Learn who’s looking for influencers and how to work with travel brands.
  • Get the most angle on social media strategies for travel blogging.
  • Capture amazing photos when traveling.
  • Know what tools are available for photo editing on the go.
  • Drive more traffic from to your site by understanding your audience and analytics.
  • Craft a great bio and description of your experience and value that will get you in front of brands.

Who is this for?

This one-day intensive is for anyone who loves to travel, to experience new places (or to frequent familiar places). Whether you already share your life through blogging and social media, or you’re just getting started, discover new ways to chronicle your travels, big or small. Our speakers will be sharing their experience and knowledge to point you in the right direction for your next set of adventures.

Featured presenters

  • Travel & Lifestyle Writer and Photographer. Susan is Mom to four children ranging in age from 10 to 22. She’s been traveling with her kids since they were little and has become proficient at planning trips for families with kids at any age and any stage. She’s learned the ins and outs, the good and bad, and every late night snack stop there is in between!

    She enjoys traveling with her family but also loves to travel solo too, especially when it involves exploring & being active. You can find her skiing, hiking, swimming, relaxing on the beach, or just roaming the globe! She’s always on the look-out for her next adventure and loves to share each of her journeys along the way!

  • Anitra Durand Allen is a certified family and relationship coach dedicated to helping moms raising high achieving children support their super kids one achievement at a time. A certified project management professional and biomedical engineer, she walked away from corporate America when the pull between being fully committed to her career and fully committed to her family became too great. Now, as a parenting and lifestyle content creator, she teaches families how to take the skills they use on the job and create success in their own homes.

  • Chelsea and her husband, Nate, run Someday I’ll Learn, and are on a mission to share smart ideas for adventurous families. They set out to make everyday life more efficient and inspire people to seize fun opportunities. Nate offers up hands-on fatherhood and a forthright approach to life’s challenges. Chelsea adds color with creative how-tos and commentary about rugged living in a modern era. Their site culminates in a he-said-she-said humorous journal that documents our daily exploits.

    They believe that life doesn’t have to be lived on anyone’s terms but your own, and even the smallest moments can hold BIG life lessons.

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