A single-day, micro-conference about brand partnerships for bloggers in Charleston, South Carolina, with experts, Alice Chase, Michelle Garrett, Niccole Mucci, and Brandi Riley.

  • Alice Chase
  • Michelle Garrett
  • Niccole Mucci
  • Brandi Riley

Content creators, bloggers, and influencers must all adapt and adjust to our ever-changing industry and new expectations. What does it mean to partner with brands? What value are they are looking for in a campaign? How do you create head-turning, engaging marketing content for brands by using storytelling and an authentic voice?

Hear from experts who have worked in marketing and communications and are content creators themselves. Learn how they are constantly evolving and turning campaigns into long-term partnerships. They’ve built partnerships and collaborations that continue attracting more brands and help them stand out amongst the rest. Get advice on best practices when pitching the brands you’ve dreamed of.

Hear from brands to find out what they look for in the vast influencer market and how they choose who they work with. Find out if numbers really matter, and how brands react to or approach long-term partnerships and collaborations.

What you can expect

  • Learn how to craft a pitch for sponsorships and collaborations.
  • Understand the latest trends in working with brands.
  • Review best practices for working with brands and how to implement them.
  • Discover how brands are collaborating with bloggers for longer partnerships.
  • Advance your skills in storytelling to stand out among your peers.
  • Understand how your analytics and audience relate to brand campaign goals.
  • Know what brands are seeking when choosing bloggers for campaigns.
  • Gain confidence in negotiating rates and compensation and know what are good rates for you.
Whether you’re a new blogger just getting started and wondering what’s possible by working with brands, or you’re a veteran content creator who is looking to grow and cultivate more or longer-term brand relationships, this event is for you.

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  • Regular ticket: $249
  • Business ticket: $499
  • Whether you’re starting out in the biz or a seasoned pro, FLOCK offers something for everyone. Getting to learn from your peers and business leaders is priceless. I can’t wait to attend another FLOCK event!
    Emille Crawford 5 stars Emille Crawford emille_enchanted
  • FLOCK events are the perfect place to learn and have fun. They’re small enough that instruction feels personal, yet large enough that those presenting really know their stuff and have a wealth of knowledge to share!
    Sarah Gilliland 5 stars Sarah Gilliland sarahinthesuburbs
  • FLOCK got it right when it comes to professional development for bloggers and online content creative. Intensive, deep dive instruction into a subject allowed me to have actionable tips and to leave the event with a solid to-do list.
    Jill Robbins 5 stars Jill Robbins rippedjeansandbifocals

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