Want to help us in expand the FLOCK, spread the word about our mission, and encourage more folks to attend FLOCK events? Join us as a FLOCK Ambassador!

What we look for

FLOCK hosts events around the country, and is seeking individuals in or very near the cities in which we’re holding events. We’re looking for people who are connected to these local communities and can share and promote FLOCK events with their established networks.

We want positive and encouraging folks who are willing to spread the word on behalf of FLOCK using their networks and connections.

Our Ambassadors are genuinely interested in FLOCK and what we’re doing with small-scale events. They are eager to attend and/or promote our events because they believe in our mission. They have an established network and are able to effectively promote our events within that network.

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We’ll ask Ambassadors to share provided marketing materials, text, and imagery with their network. We may, from time to time, ask Ambassadors to share content that is relevant to their specific area or event. We will also provide Ambassadors with a unique URL to share. We are looking for Ambassadors who will do “ground” work in their specific cities to drive event ticket sales with local attendees. Each Ambassador will have their own tracking goal.


Ambassadors will receive a unique URL which must be used to refer prospective attendees to Ambassador’s FLOCK event. Ambassadors will receive 10% of net ticket sales as commission (after applying any discounts) for each sale generated through their unique URL. After meeting the minimum individual Ambassador goal of five (5) referred ticket sales generated through their unique URL, Ambassadors will also receive credit for one complimentary ticket for the assigned event in their city. Link clicks and sales are tracked via our affiliate software.

Interested in applying?

Fill out our Ambassador Application, and we’ll be in touch with you soon!