A one-day Instagram conference at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA with The Bucket List Family, Carly Anderson, Chelsea and Nate Day, Courtney Quinn, and Susan Pazera.

  • Bucket List Family
  • Carly Anderson
  • Chelsea Day
  • Courtney Quinn
  • Susan Pazera

Growing and maintaining an authentic presence on Instagram can be a challenge. Creative, beautiful, like-worthy photos help. But how do you maintain an account that consistently engages your audience and continues earning new followers? And what steps should you take to keep them engaged, interested, and thirsty for more?

Learn from experts who have mastered the art and rhythm of sharing stories, experiences, and adventures around the world with an ever growing set of fans and followers. What guides them as they choose what to post each day. Where do they find ideas for the content they share? And how do they seek out those perfect photos and videos to add to an ever-growing stream of awesomeness?

Join us at Disneyland for an entire day focused entirely on Instagram. Discover how these pros spot and capture their photo and video-worthy moments, make an art and a sizeable following of their content, and how this opens doors to new opportunities.

What you can expect

  • Get the tips and tricks Instagram masters use to maximize their photo and video engagement.
  • Determine what value you can offer to earn new followers.
  • Elevate your own photography skills and knowledge.
  • Master photo editing directly on your phone, and know why you should always post-process your photos.
  • Know what to do differently with photos taken from your phone vs. a DSLR camera.
  • Understand how to capture a perfect photo opportunity while still living in the moment.
  • Hear best practices for working with brands and how to implement them.
  • See what brands look for in influencer marketing, and how you could turn a short-term project into a long-term relationship.
  • Determine Instagram’s role in your overall social, photo, and video sharing strategy.
  • Learn how to adopt a consistent content schedule and compliment your feed with Instagram Stories.
Want to elevate your Insta-game? Whether you’re a novice who started ’gramming recently, or a more advanced user with multiple Instagram accounts, you’ll benefit from everything these speakers have to share.

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  • Spending one full day focused on things that will improve my business (in practical ways) was just the thing I needed! I came home feeling energized rather than overwhelmed.
    Nicole Burkholder 5 stars Nicole Burkholder
  • What a fun, inspiring, and informational event! As a sponsor, the FLOCK team was so easy to work with–organized and communicative. The speakers were top notch, and fellow attendees were friendly and willing to share ideas.
    Fairytale Brownies 5 stars Alyssa Andrews ftbrownies
  • Whether you’re starting out in the biz or a seasoned pro, FLOCK offers something for everyone. Getting to learn from your peers and business leaders is priceless. I can’t wait to attend another FLOCK event!
    Emille Crawford 5 stars Emille Crawford emille_enchanted

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