A single-day intensive focused exclusively on video in Seattle, Washington, with respected experts, Amanda Muse, Megan Samarin, Wendy Nielsen, and Joanna Venditti.

  • Amanda Muse
  • Megan Samarin and Wendy Nielsen
  • Joanna Venditti

You’re a master of using your phone to capture sunsets, kids striking a pose, and maybe the occasional selfie. But how much video are you sharing and using to connect with your audience? Content creators, bloggers, and small business entrepreneurs need to get in front of the camera more often, but not just for stills! Many of us are intimidated by video, or we make the whole process harder in our heads than it needs to be.

Video is key to building relationships with your viewers and giving them glimpses of your life and personality. With high speed connections so prevalent, even on the go, video is booming in popularity, both on the production side and how much we consume. And video’s reach and views are rivaling traditional forms of social sharing.

Whether you’re intimidated by being in front of a video lens, or behind it working on the technical side of video production, now is the time to push past those fears and insecurities, boost your confidence and technical know-how, and expand your potential.

You’ll learn from experts how to create great video content without frustration and fear. Their love of video and sharing of it has propelled their success. All of our speakers have been nominated for awards in video categories and want to share their experience and tricks with you. Each speaker offers a different perspective on video content to build personal brands, strengthen online viewership, and collaborate with partners to monetize their channels.

What you can expect

  • Get advice needed to gain the confidence you need to get in front of the camera.
  • Discover what tools our experts use to get their video content.
  • See what platforms work best for video content.
  • Explore the right tools for your budget.
  • Hear stories of success and failure that can help inform and strengthen your video strategy.
  • Get a live tutorial on how to shoot video on the go and edit quickly.
  • Understand best practices when it comes to audio, lighting, editing, and publishing.
  • Find out how how to pitch for video collaborations.
  • Learn how to best use Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to expand your reach.
Whether just learning how to create and add videos to your channels, starting your own video channel, or if you’ve been creating video content for a while, but want to expand your toolset or monetize video content, this event is for you!

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  • Early bird ticket: $199
  • Regular ticket: $249
  • Business ticket: $499

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