A single-day, Social Media intensive at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, with experts, Amiyrah Martin, Brandi Riley, Jill Krause, Carly Anderson, Tania Lamb, and Patty Holliday.

As bloggers, content creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs, it’s easy to look online and see the success of others and wonder how they got there. What are they doing differently that sets them apart? How can you create a similar presence and voice that keeps people coming back?

Our speakers for this event have created large communities of discussion. Each of them take ordinary content and make it extraordinary, start campaigns that unite women across the world, and get us doing things we normally wouldn’t do. They share their lowest lows and highest highs. They make us belly laugh until we cry. But most importantly, they keep us engaged for years and they’re now part of our daily lives. These story-based content creators have rich and valuable experience and thoughts to share.

Each speaker will share how they got where they are. What brands are looking for when working with them. What they do to keep up with the changing social trends. Where they see social media going. And most importantly, how to tell a great, original, authentic story that will keep your followers engaged and your social space growing.

What you can expect

  • See how to create engaging, authentic story-based sharable content.
  • Get advice on what types of content works, and when you should be posting it.
  • Hear about the trends happening right now on different social channels.
  • Explore different ways of building your social numbers organically.
  • Discover how to use Live features effectively on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Understand why you should pitch brands even if your numbers seem lower than others.
  • Know what tools are available for social sharing and what could work best for you.
  • Understand how to schedule content for each social channel.
  • See why your phone can be your best ally and what apps are best for photo editing.
  • Get over it! Conquer your fear of LIVE broadcasting.
  • An end of day Q&A session where you can ask the questions for which you need answers.

Who is this for?

We chose speakers for this event because we know they want you to be successful too. If you want to level up and ensure your social media accounts are smart, beautiful, and authentic in a way that compliments your existing online presence, then this event is for you. These women have found great success over the years, and they’ll share how they keep making engaging content.

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