Using social media in your business to make positive change

If you’re an influencer, you have a platform and a voice. Use your influence, take to social media to make change and help level the playing field.

Social media can be a huge time sink, or it can be a powerful tool that you can use to make a positive impact and change the world for the better. According to the Pew Research Center,  62% of adults across America get their news from social media. As such, it stands to reason that social media could be the ideal vehicle for promoting good in the world and highlighting and shining a spotlight on the things that need changing.

Social Media Icons

Your role as an influencer or business owner in the online space allows you to use your platform to raise awareness and call out injustices. One way to implement change is through your community. When you successfully build a community of like-minded individuals, the sky is the limit.

It All Started With a Tweet

Recently, in the Courage to Earn Community, an entire movement began with one thought-provoking Tweet. Brandi Riley, the founder of Courage to Earn, a community of digital content creators, went viral with her reply Tweet to a Spaghettio’s, Black Lives Matter post that simply depicted a cartoon character waving a BLM flag.

Brandi’s Tweet, “Thank you for your Black Lives Matter graphic. May I please see a picture of your executive leadership team and company board?” quickly went viral with over seventy-thousand retreats.

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Brands, agencies, and influencers all came together for the first of its kind, meeting. Clarity Conversation: Black Women and Influencer Marketing. The event set the foundation for a more level playing field in the influencer space.

For years, many have been toiling away, doing the work, in the influencer space, to make change. What’s happening now, is that more people are catching on and questioning systems that have been in place in our country for hundreds of years. White voice actors are stepping away from roles that should belong to Black actors, YouTube creators are making apology videos for insensitive things they may have said or done in the past. Brands are being held accountable for years of insensitivity and wrong-doing.

Many influencers are doing the work. They’re using social media for good. They call out systemic racism and injustices, and holding brands and businesses to task when necessary. We could all stand to use social media for the betterment of society more often.

How Can You Use Social Media for Good?

Social media is a powerful tool. How can you set the wheels in motion toward change? How can you encourage your audience to invoke change? Your followers are looking to you for news, advice, and actionable steps toward change, give them what they need.


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