Stay at Home Moms Who Blog Will Appreciate a FLOCK micro-conference

For stay at home moms who blog, it’s difficult to get away for lengthy blogging events; a FLOCK conference is a great option for stay at home mom bloggers

I first started blogging in 2000. I was likely one of the very first of the stay at home moms to blog. As a new mom of two young children under the age of two, I needed a creative outlet. I was also pregnant with my third child at the time. The cost of childcare in the Boston suburbs far surpassed what I was earning as an administrative assistant at IBM. Because of this, I was relegated to the life of a stay-at-home-mom for a while.

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I took to AOL chat rooms for adult conversation during those long days of diaper blowouts, teething, and Braxton-Hix contractions. It was on AOL that I learned about this brand new online Diary, aptly named Diaryland. Diaryland allowed people a space to create their very own weblog. Diaryland rekindled my love of writing.

Fast-forward many years and careers outside the home later, I continued to write online in one capacity or another. I worked through various iterations of blogging over the years on sites like Webspawner, Blogger, Geocities. Several years ago I switched to WordPress when blogging began to take off as a way to earn an income from home. Much of my career involved being away from home either at the office or traveling to trade shows. When I was able to come back home, homeschool my children, and focus on writing, I knew I was on the right path.

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Through extensive self-reflection and by immersing myself in the blogging industry, I found my true passion and blogging goals. I became dedicated to learning everything I could about the blogging industry. Part of that education included investing in myself and my craft through webinars, masterminds, and online groups. I’d always wanted to attend a blogging conference but could never find a way to make time for one.

Making Time for Blog Conferences Can Be Challenging

Attending blogging conferences is a great way to stay up-to-date with industry changes, get SEO tips, network with brands, and fellow bloggers. They can help you truly hone your craft and learn to grow and market your blog. While my older children are now adults, I am currently homeschooling my school-aged child. As such, it is challenging to get away for a 5-day long weekend conference. When I learned that FLOCK was offering a small-scale, one-day conference in my area, I jumped at the chance to be in the room.

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The Ideal Conference for a Stay at Home Moms Who Blog

It was an easy decision to make. Not only would I be presented with a wealth of knowledge from people I admire in the blogging world, but also because I could easily justify 8 hours of my time away from home. A one-day conference is do-able for those of us who normally can’t find the time to pour into ourselves and our businesses in the ways that we should. A one or two-day commitment is so much easier to manage than a 5-day event.

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 I consider blogging and writing my career.  My priority though in this current season of life is being at home for my family. For that reason, I’m grateful for the FLOCK micro-conference model and how it includes and embraces those of us on a slightly different path.

Times have shifted and most of these conference communities are now offering virtual learning. FLOCK included. We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned and how we’ve pivoted in a time when online learning is going to be the new normal.



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