The Most Important Blogging Conference Tip You Need to Know

The most important blogging conference tip to help you get the best return on your investment, hone your craft, build your blog and make more money.

You’ve got a blog conference on the books, flights are booked and bags are packed. You want the most return on your investment. If this sounds familiar, the following will detail the most important blogging conference tip you should focus on while you’re there. Spoiler alert, it’s “you.”

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Jumping into the digital space as a content creator, while exciting and fun can also be daunting and isolating. As a creator, you spend countless hours behind the computer screen. You craft blog posts, edit images, and promote your content across social media. These tasks often keep bloggers away from social events and time with friends. Balancing life with creating content and promoting it can be a challenge.

When the opportunity arises to attend an online conference, many creators jump at the chance to ‘be in the room.’ The chance to network with industry leaders and brands is often the primary goal for some. Conferences allow you to socialize and be hands-on. The challenge comes when creators attend events but fail to put the information they’ve learned to good use. You can take all the classes, acquire certifications and attend all of the conferences, but if you’re not willing to put in the work, it will all be a waste of time, effort and money.


The Most Important Blogging Conference Tip

Most speakers, when presenting a topic will share resources and provide actionable steps you can take to take full advantage of those resources. If you’re writing it down anyway, add those action steps to your to-do list. There’s a reason they’re up there on that stage. If something works and a facilitator has put all of their time and energy into creating content for you, do the work.

It can be overwhelming, the vast amount of information you can glean from a conference. Your best bet is to look over your notes and prioritize three actionable steps you can put into place in the first month after the conference. Once you’ve implemented those you can move on to additional tasks. During this time, revisit tasks and see how they’re working. Reconnect online with fellow attendees and speakers to discuss your findings. You may learn something new to share with others. Collaboration and staying connected is key. 


Let Them Help You

Blog conference organizers want their attendees to succeed. They work to bring together qualified speakers and facilitators to the table. They want both their industry and their peers to thrive. Organizers wouldn’t be doing this job if that wasn’t their goal. It takes considerable time and energy at all hours of the day to research, organize, plan, and prep for a blog conference.

You do yourself and your business a disservice when you don’t take full advantage of the conference. All of the information, insight, and resources presented are yours for the taking. Use them! It is truly is a privilege to be in the room with facilitators willing to share their knowledge, experience, and sometimes even secrets. Not everyone has the opportunity to be in the spaces and it’s a shame to squander it away. If you don’t put in the work, it just equates to a mini-vacation out of town.

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Yes, a blogging conference is about networking and learning about new industry trends and topics. But the key element for your business, your blog, and your investment is … you. If you’re taking the time away from home, often for a few days at a time, focus on yourself and how the conference will help you to move forward. Whether it’s in life or in business, the common denominator is you. Showing up for a conference is just the first part of the equation. The second and most important part is showing up for yourself.

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Don’t just simply collecting blog conference lanyards. Look beyond a few cute Instagram photos with your blogging besties and put that information to use. Investing in yourself and your business can only take you so far. Get the best return on your investment and implement a plan to take action. 



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