Easy Ways To Tweak Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy During a Global Pandemic

How to tweak your affiliate marketing strategy during a global pandemic to ensure you serve your audience with the resources and insight that they need.

Are you looking for ways to tweak your affiliate marketing strategy right now? Adapting to change and being able to pivot in your content strategy is key for any online content creator. Sponsored opportunities are few and far between as a result of the global pandemic, we’re currently faced with. As a result, in recent weeks, bloggers have been scrambling to find content ideas to share with their audience while still bringing in an income. Many are seeking to ramp up their affiliate marketing efforts to do so. confused

Difficult Changes as a Result of an Uncertain Future

The affiliate marketing space is further affected by brands that have changed up their contract terms in light of current events. While an uncertain economic future has affected payouts by some brands, there are others who remain dedicated to their publishers and continue to pay out as they have in the past.

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Include Educational Resources in Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Promoting educational products or those that are aimed at keeping children busy is a great way to tweak your affiliate marketing strategy.  CrateJoy, Raddish Kids and Green Kids Crafts offer affiliate programs through Share-a-Sale and Impact.

One easy way to capitalize on affiliate marketing is through book round-ups and reviews using Amazon Associates program, but there are other, more lucrative options. Along the same lines, traditional homeschool companies with affiliate programs are also worth looking into as many parents are navigating the school at home waters for the very first time. 

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Write Shop Curriculum

Write Shop provides a series of homeschool writing curriculum for all ages from kindergarten through high school. The curriculum teaches children how to write and simultaneously helps parents facilitate writing instruction. Write Shop offers publishers 14% commission on curriculum and 10% commission on video courses.

Notgrass Homeschool History is an all-encompassing resource for history with a Christian worldview. Notgrass provides a flexible, faith-based curriculum for all ages and offers a 12% commission rate to publishers.

Waldock Way is another homeschooling resource that offers a variety of Unit Studies that correspond to favorite book series like The Magic Treehouse and Harry Potter. Waldock Way offers a generous 20% commission rate with a 30-day cookie window.

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Affiliate Ideas for the Home and Garden

Beyond home education, there are several other ways to serve your audience. With everyone at home, there’s been an increased interest in gardening, home cooking, baking, and home renovation. Of course, Amazon Associates is a good resource but there are a few others that may work better.

Cactus Media is a great resource for online content creators looking for new offers. Martha Stewart Wine Company and Home Chef are popular choices. Hulu video streaming is also a great choice right now if you’re looking to update your affiliate marketing strategy. 

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Through Share-a-Sale, bloggers can promote brands like Perdue Farms and Erin Condren. Also through Share-a-Sale, Hardware World provides publishers with the choice to promote a wide variety of landscaping, gardening, and outdoor items. Now is the time to take advantage of those while people are at home working through their to-do lists.

During these uncertain times, making money with your blog can prove challenging. Stepping beyond your niche and finding a way to serve your audience in a way that makes sense for your brand will take time and effort. Success during this time requires that content creators effectively switch gears and provide access to the resources and insight their audience needs during this difficult time.



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